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Type of Newgrounds idiot

2009-10-25 00:41:27 by N-Fighter

Here in this quick field guide, I will identify just a few different forms of the people on Newgrounds that make you wanna cringe. (Please pardon and ignore any bias you may see in this thread, as it is purely unintentional, and not meant to offend any one in any way.)

1.The Communist Rebel

These are the people you see complaining about how the US is really a fascist(Spelling?) government or some way we are getting cheated out of our money and being taken over. Afterward, they say that they know the solution, and propose some random change that would never be done and generally ruin the way X country runs. Continuing their "Revolution", they go find some friends and smoke weed, then post about it on Newgrounds and exclaim how cool they think they are. Once they have smoked weed, they have something in their signature that has to do with "420" or "Pot", with a marijuana leaf on the sides.

"I think America should not have cars legal anymore. They are very dangerous, and do not in anyway support a nations greater good. Let's go smoke weed."

2. The Grammar Nazi

Once in a while, someone makes a mistake or something slips their mind. Usually, forum-goers don't mind this, and let it slide. But once a lone, robust individual logs in and sees this, they think of it as declaring nuclear war on any nation that speaks this language, and seek to solve said problem. By doing so, they completely make assholes of themselves, and downright insult the other user's mentality. When the other person sees this, they enrage, and post back, saying how they were just tired or didn't think it mattered. Meanwhile, the Grammer Nazi is sitting in his cave, convincing himself that he just stopped a generation of illiterate kids. Humorously enough, the Grammar Nazi also messed something up in his own post.

":there dog was so cute! i just wanted to pet it!
Yeah, uh, you kinda suck at the English language dude. Its spelt "Their", with a caps. Get out of the forums and back to class."

3. The rabid Atheist

The rabid Atheist, also known as a Brainless Moron, can be found in the General BBS or Political forums quite often. A cousin of the Communist Rebel, they always post at least one thread saying how every Christian out there should be victims of the Holocaust or that the belief in God should be banned. Usually, they tie it off with a story they have or video of some Jesus Freak (Read, 4) making an idiot of themselves. Also a pothead, they are the people that get arrested and post about how epic their robbery was at the Salvation Army, waving a flag saying "I disapprove". In these threads they frequently create, bashing any religion or even insult someone for having the slightest hint of being religious. Under certain circumstances, they call Christianity a cult of even a fad. (Ok, here is where I get of here. A fad? A fucking fad? Never mind the fact it shaped the modern world today by having it's roots deep in history, but it will pass soon, and everyone will go back to being Atheist. What the fuck?)

"I think all Christians should be gassed. They are a pointless kin, and have no brains and do not contribute to anything, save for all those feeding programs for Africa. One I saw today had a cross on his neck. That makes him dumb."

4. The Jesus Freak

The very bane of an Atheist's existence, these ignorant people take something a little too far, from the point of worshiping someone (Real or not, you decide) to outright terrorism. They probably have never read the Bible, or any part of it, yet still quote stuff they heard in movies that came from the book itself. Even down to earth, reasonable Christians such as myself will be ashamed to say that they are guided by the same person (Real/Not Real). They lurk any thread about abortion, where if someone is just saying that it should only be legal for rape victims with severe conditions, will get attacked for thinking that any type of killing a baby, born of unborn, even if the mother has a high risk of dying with the baby upon birth, is unholy and should be bombed. Also, they might be in PETA.

"You really think that eating a baby chicken is logical!? You should be burned at the stake for this!"